Reply To: Triebert recorders?

Jason Cone

Mostly I know Susato for their pennywhistles (though I don’t own any of theirs). I don’t need to take up any more instruments, though!

I have two Susato Kildare whistles: the Low-D and the Low-G (I recently posted a recording of the Low-G whistle in the “Recordings” section, here). I’m pleased with them. (I own various other whistles, too, but those are the only Susatos.)

FWIW, as a recorder player you’d find it very easy to play a whistle. They’re diatonic rather than chromatic, but it’s not much of a transition. If you like their tone (personally, I think whistles really suit some things), I’d say go for it.

I didn’t buy [the Ecodear Yamaha] for its looks so much as the darker voice that reviewers noted. That turned out to be true with a pleasant dash of ‘reediness.’ I bought a matched Descant/Treble pair…

I also have a soprano/alto pair of Ecodear recorders, as well as a Yamaha 304B tenor (not Ecodear). I have a regular (non-Ecodear) Yamaha soprano, too, and I have to say that I prefer the tone of the Ecodear version.

I think my next recorder will probably be a nice wooden one, though. I’m still thinking about what direction I want to go, there (and recorders or whistles are not my main instrument, so there’s that…). For now I’m content with the Yamahas.