Reply To: Triebert recorders?

Katia J

It’s simply a preference in a matter of aesthetics, as everyone has. Some people like the look, some don’t; I fall into the latter category. I’m not much of a fan of the two-tone look in many things. I wouldn’t like it any better if I had a high-end instrument. Most wood recorders I see for sale and being played are all wood, with no ivory whether faux or real, so if the plastic recorders are trying to “blend in,” I would think that would be what they would want to emulate (and if we’re trying to fool anyone– not that they would be fooled in the first place– it would be more believable that I might be playing a mid-to-lower grade wooden instrument than one costing over $2000 or an antique). For many people, it will evoke the look of school recorders, not high-end recorders. But, I don’t feel the need for my plastic recorder to pretend to be wood in the first place. A simple solid color would be fine.

(I still haven’t figured out Yamaha’s Ecodear. I have a craving for banana cream pie every time I look at them. Were they trying to make it look like boxwood, or is it just unashamedly yellow?)

I’ve not seen Susato’s pentatonic instruments, though I know there are pentatonic recorders out there (I think the pentatonic instruments tend to be popular in Waldorf schools and other early education?). Mostly I know Susato for their pennywhistles (though I don’t own any of theirs). I don’t need to take up any more instruments, though!