Reply To: Triebert recorders?

Ken In Dallas

It’s so interesting that you find the Yamahas and Aulos unattractive, Katia. I’ve seen so many museum originals here in the States and abroad that today’s plastics copy. Those Baroque turnings are so ornate yet still tasteful. I love them. I’m amazed how true-to-form the plastics are to the originals, especially for the Rottenburghs that you mentioned you dislike with their faux-ivory rings. My memory is that you don’t find such rings on new wooden recorders till you’re up around $2,000 USD. Somebody likes them.

By the way, if you want ‘new and insteresting’ without any ivory, you might want to check out the Kelischek penatonics and/or their Renaissance instruments at Susato in North Carolina. I was planning a visit before the Pandemic hit. Very interesting instruments there. Here’s the website…


Penny for your thoughts if you check it out. – k –