Reply To: Triebert recorders?

Katia J

For me it’s just curiosity more than anything else. I have a Yamaha 312, and also an Aulos (I think 509?) that I “rescued” from a thrift store. So I already have decent instruments; it’s not that I’m going out looking for something with a great sound. But, they’re probably “different,” at least, perhaps in an interesting way.

I’ve seen some great reviews of these instruments (from people who claim they’re experienced players) and some bad ones (from same). It seems the line may be on its way out, since some music stores seem to not stock all of them and many of the reviews I read are from many years ago.

And, as I admitted above, partly it’s also that these are instruments I can actually stand to look at, unlike the Aulos and Yamaha… it would be nice to find out I can also stand to listen to them. 🙂