Reply To: Triebert recorders?

Katia J

I got my Aulos tenor from Amazon, it was fine, and at a reduced price. I also got a Kalimba from there, a surprise from my other half, and it is surprisingly good!

Oh, yes, I got my Yamaha recorders from Amazon as well. But I’m a bit more wary when it comes to a brand that isn’t well-known (I think it might actually be EMS’ own brand), and a brand that isn’t available in the U.S. from any actual music shops yet somehow some Amazon seller got ahold of some (especially since in this case, the seller didn’t even know how to spell the name of their own product– they had it advertised as “Tribert”).

Interesting about the kalimba, though. I’d seen the ones on Amazon and wasn’t sure if they were any good or not…