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Katia J

I agree with all of the above. Most wind instruments (maybe not those with keys such as clarinets, orchestral flutes, modern oboes, etc.– I don’t have experience with those so I couldn’t tell you for sure, but I suspect it’s the same with them as well) are going to be harder to play the more fingers you put down. That’s why most people start with the easier (left-hand) notes and work their way down slowly.

Also, keep in mind that the recorder is not meant to be overblown to produce an octave (as a whistle or Irish flute is). Recorder has fingerings to reach higher notes (admittedly, some of these require more/more-focused air, but that is well beyond what you need to worry about right now). So, take care that you do not blow too hard.

A good experiment is to play around with your tone– how little air can you use and still produce the correct note? How much air can you use before you break pitch or get too hard of a tone?

(Another problem you may find as you begin playing the right-hand notes is that they will squeak or not sound, because somewhere further up, another of your fingers has slipped verrrrrry slightly out of place. It can be enough that you would swear all of your fingers are correct, until you start adjusting them slightly… you may not even figure out which one was “wrong.” This simply takes time and practice to eliminate.)

I also recommend a method book if you don’t already have one; the ones for kids are fine, but there are also those not geared toward kids. Antique Sound Workshop has a good writeup on method books here that is (IMO) very helpful for someone who can’t look through books and doesn’t have anyone they can ask for advice.