Reply To: Dolonite Dolmetsch vs Bernolin Resin

Jan W

Ooo! A woman recorder maker!! I love it!! We need more of those!!

I have a Dolmetsch plastic recorder that came in one of those green boxes with the thin plastic material. It is a newer model than the Dolonite and not Dolonite. Can’t really play it because the head is not lined up with the finger holes and I cannot get it apart to adjust it! I’ve tried freezer, hot water, etc. UGH! I can’t remember what the Dolonite came in! (Old age). It is the least expensive recorder I have and my favorite! ($7!)

Your post brings up something I have been trying to find out unsuccessfully from google. My favorite recorders are the Dolmetsch (which is modeled after a Stanesby if I remember correctly) and the Bressan I bought because you liked it and I wanted to try it. My wondering is if the model has anything to do with it. The Yamahas are modeled after the Rottenburgh. I just wondered if that would make any difference in a plastic recorder.

Probably not but it is an interesting coincidence!

As to the clogging, my Dolonite has had none. Of course, I am not playing for an hour at a time, but the Yamaha clogs so much more easily.