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No. I do not have a Bernolin yet, and have no intention on it. Why? I require a resin instrument a lot closer to my needs. Things like: A403 pitch, Hotteterre fingering, single tone holes, and Werkmeister III temperament. Jacqueline Sorel can make her Stanesby Senior copy for me. Thomas Stanesby Sr. was a contemporary of Pierre Bressan working at the same time in London. Their instruments look so similar, one could almost assume that Stanesby ‘copied’ Bressan’s style. Anyhow, we’ve talked. Now I need to raise funds. Still about halfways away.

I’m well aware of dental bills. (Yikes!) While we have decent healthcare in Canada, dental is not part of it.

You can play/practise on whatever makes your heart happy, Jan. It’s your world when nobody else is involved. Rejoice in freedom!

Play them both at your discretion and enjoy discovering the peculiarities of both worlds. I do.

Yes, I’d hold onto the Dolmetsch one too. I’m curious—did yours come in the odd box they originally came in? It was a peculiar green foam insert with a wobbly green plastic container, if I remember correctly. (If I can find a picture, I’ll post it here.)

Nice to hear from you again. 🙂


Mainly French & English baroque repertoire on an A403 Bressan, and an A415 DeBey. Recorder enthusiast since 1971. Early Music program at York University, French baroque instruction at Royal Conservatory in Toronto.