Reply To: Dolonite Dolmetsch vs Bernolin Resin

Jan W

Hi Richard!

We’ve discussed that Bernolin a good bit in the past. I am glad to hear you are still a fan of it.

I hear what you are saying and agree. However, there is something very different in the sound of this recorder that my other plastics don’t have. I suspect the dolonite/bakelite has something to do with it – or maybe there was more attention to detail when these were made.
The sound of this recorder is so clear and smooth. It doesn’t sound plastic at all. It has good volume and has a sweet, mellow tone. It does not have that sharp, harsh plasticy sound to it.
It is modeled after the Bressan and my other favorite recorder is a Zen on Bressan (though the Zen on Bressan does not have the sound this one has). Maybe that plays a factor in it, though I doubt that.

Hope you are staying well!