Reply To: Yamaha v Aulos keyed tenor


It’s interesting that you also have a Hotteterre as I have one too (the A=440 model). My experience with it is quite different though: despite Moeck describing its extended upper register as a virtue, and one that makes it particularly suited to flute repertoire, I find the high notes harder than on any of my other instruments (all tenors). In fact, it was getting so difficult that I sent it back to Moeck and had it serviced. I think they fitted a new block. It is better than it was, but still not easy – I find high C in particular tricky to hit. Maybe it will improve with playing.

As far as plastic instruments go, it’s strange how variable they can be. I have had two 211s and the second is much better than the first. I’m currently mainly using the 511 out of the plastic instruments, but that’s probably mainly because it’s the one that’s out. I don’t play it a great deal though.