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    John Snyder

    I’m new to the group. I am looking for a Denner Alto, 415. I have a few Blezinger instruments already. I’m looking to spend between 1500-2500. I have considered purchasing an instrument from a different maker. Could any of you with experience of the higher end makers recommend a couple of them for this instrument? There are so many reputable makers now … I’d like to streamline the process.

    Thanks in advance,


    Richard Hureau

    Where are you located? I think it is a good idea to buy from a dealer who is fairly close to you, especially with an expensive wooden instrument that will need adjustment in the future.


    John Snyder

    South of Memphis, TN, 70 miles. I have purchased from David Green of Antique Sound Workshop in the past. Have always been happy with his help. However, in considering other makers, I will have to reach beyond David’s inventory. I saw a Frederich Von Huene denner… but it is in Belgium, an individual selling, revoiced by Peter van Huene in 2018. Built in 1980! I’m a little timid to purchase from an individual.


    John Snyder

    Recordersforsale.com has quite a few high-end makers. However, this is only a place to post a recorder, no guarantee from the website if the recorder is not as advertised. Hence the timidness.


    Ken In Dallas

    I’m surprised nobody else has chimed in on this topic. Von Huene’s latest news letter (7/23) appears to say he has new 415hZ Denner Altos in stock. His ‘used’ list includes a Prescott with center tubes for both 440 and 415hZ, and a number of 415 Altos by other makers.

    I’ll add that a recent re-voicing they did to my Mollenhauer Alto was exceptional from both a business and auditory standpoint, but I think their reputation has little need for more accolades.

    Hope you find what you want!



    A little late, but I too would recommend von Huene as well—especially for us in North America. A wee pricey for new, but they carry (and service) used inventory that can be a remarkable good buy.

    Like Ken, I’ll give them a 110% recommendation.

    Mainly French & English baroque repertoire on an A403 Bressan, and an A415 DeBey. Active enthusiast since 1971. Early Music program at York University, French baroque instruction at Royal Conservatory in Toronto.

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