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    Leslie Neilson

    Hello first post. I’m very new to recorders and have the entry level Yamaha soprano plastic one (the model above the clear colored plastic one). I’m looking for a plastic 415hz recorder as I love the more soothing sound of the lower frequency. I’d like to get an alto. I’m having a lot of trouble finding options but here’s the two (technically 3) I’ve found:

    1) Zen-on Bressan 1500B, and its updated model the G-1A
    2) Bernolin resin recorder (not sure on model name)

    The Bernolin one is expensive for me so I’ll probably stick with the Zen-on. Are these Zen-on models at 415hz? I didn’t see it specifically stated for them but I’d heard people say they were tuned for Baroque style.

    Are there any other plastic options? Also, is there a best site to buy these Zen-on models because I’m having trouble finding them except on places like ebay.


    Jan >^..^<

    We have been having a similar discussion on recorders.ning. The Zen-On is 440, I believe.

    I would NOT recommend the G-1A. I sent mine to a friend who has the 1500B and he compared them (he has been playing for over 40 years). The newer one is not better, according to him. It is worse. I haven’t played the 1500B yet, but I have played the G-1A. It is not good. I have ordered the 1500B from Early Music Shop ( It is costing me about $63 because it is coming from London.

    I also have the Yamaha Ecodear, which I like a lot. The Yamahas, however, seem a tad sharp (as in cutting, not in tuning), but the Ecodear is more mellow to my hearing. I have the Aulos Haka Alto which I have just gotten and it is nice, too.

    I considered the Bernolin, and I am sure it is nice, but it is just too much for me to spend on a resin recorder. Now, if I get really good in the future, maybe.

    Take what I say with caution as I am fairly new to this. But, my friend has a lot of experience and I trust his expertise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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