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    Carolyn Hanlon

    50% relative humidity is fine for wooden instruments (I have recorders, guitars, and mandolins.) I don’t think it is common, I have a soprano and an alto recorder that are pretty old, both purchased in 1974, and neither have cracked. I have just recently returned to playing recorder (haven’t played since about 1975) and they are both in good condition. Just re-oiled them the other day, and found this forum today.


    Carolyn Hanlon

    Moeck or Mollenhauer? A good question. I recently bought one of each (used, made them much more affordable.) I had initially played recorder in High School, then in college (started as a music major) played in a chamber orchestra on campus. I sold my first soprano recorder, and bought a new one at the music store all the college music majors used (the college was known for their music program) – it is a Wesner Superior (I still have it.) I also bought a Cambridge alto recorder at that time (1973.) I could find no information on either of these makes, and I was curious if either the Moeck or Mollenhauer would be better since I just resumed playing the recorder. They are not (IMHO) better, only different. I agree with Jonathan Dodd (above) that the Mollenhauer feels smaller, but it really isn’t. The Mollenhauer has a “warmer” sound than the Moeck to my ears. BTW, they are two different woods in the instruments, and both different than my original recorder. I also purchased (used) another alto recorder, a Schreiber. It sounds very much like my original Cambridge, and the wood looks like it is the same as the Cambridge. I plan to keep all of my recorders, and just enjoy them for their unique sounds.


    Jonathan Dodd

    An addition to my last post: I have since bought a Kung Superio in plumwood, which is quite simply the best descant I have ever played (I have tried out instruments in a much higher price bracket, I should add). It is modelled after Stanesby jr. so has a wide bore and is incredibly light to hold. It has an astonishing dynamic range without the pitch being affected, and the most beautifully liquid and melodious tone. Great intonation also. Others who have tried it agree with my view. And it is around the same price new as the Moeck Rottenburgh and Mollenhauer Denner models in the less expensive woods. I am converted! So my conclusion is: Moeck or Mollenhauer? They’re both great, but Kung has so much more. No reservations.


    Luca Luigi Aschieri

    I have bought a Kung studio tenor, I like it very much: good and very strong sound. Very easy to play because the holes are very near to be a tenor without keys.
    I have found it better than superio for my type of use: irish and folk music.
    The only problems are a windy sound for highest notes and some little problems of intonation

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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