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    Sidney Montague

    Recently, while shopping for a new treble recorder, I came across a manufacturer of maple wood recorders named Carlton. The back of the recorder indicates it was made in Germany. A Google search on Carlton recorders turns up very little other than they can be purchased at Long & McQuade Music stores in Canada. They are very reasonably priced. Perhaps a little too reasonable, making me suspicious of quality. I kind of have my heart set on a Moeck Rottenburgh (currently have a student model Moeck), but am still curious about these Carltons. Anyone know anything about them?



    I know nothing about them, but I suspect that your money will better spent on a better model Moeck. In particular, if the Carlton price is low then the quality is unlikely to be better than the student level Moeck that you already have.

    Moreover, with your better quality treble upgrade you should look for a better quality wood than your student model. Call one of the good stores, e.g. they’ll give expert advice.

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    Cheryl walther

    I just was given one…for christmas… wooden Carlton tenor recorder …then went to look it up and found no info except this comment here…it was purchased at Long and McQuade, a large reputable Canadian music store…77 in fact…so while there this morning i asked.. they tell me it is in fact a Meinel but sold through them as Carlton.. its basically the same as the higher priced one but that company is somehow selling them through the Carlton brand…anyways…its a Meinel…good quality tho i dont know why in the world they couldnt provide a c#key…thats a big regret…needless to say i told the guy a l&m that recorder players want good instruments and want to know its not a knock off…which this current marketing strategy would appear to support… dont think they liked hearing that…but will pass the feedback along…enjoy it…good price..but i do regret having no c# key…why? Who does that? Silly ppl…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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