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    It’s been a year and a half since I purchased my Aulos 709B alto recorder, and I’ve not stopped enjoying the recorder.

    I’ve had my eyes set on a Bernolin resin recorder even since I learned about them — I like that they’re as easy to care for as a plastic recorder, but apparently the sound beats any injection-molded recorder.

    They’re rather pricey for me, but it’s something I’m willing to spend on since they have so many benefits. Particularly being able to pick it up and play and much as I want. (I’m very sporadic about how much and how often I play in a day.)

    My difficulty is deciding if I should get a 415 Hz or a 442 Hz. I’ve only played modern pitch. I don’t play in any groups or with anyone, so tuning wouldn’t be an issue by myself, but I know if I want to play with modern instruments it would be a problem. I think both sound nice, maybe I prefer the 415 by ear a little better.

    Would anyone have any advice or criteria I should consider when deciding between 415 Hz or a 442 Hz tuning?

    Aulos Alto Haka 709BW
    Aulos Soprano Haka 703BW

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