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    Kristen V

    I am thinking of getting a tenor with 4 keys. Deciding between these 2 and would love any feedback. Thanks!

    Mollenhauer Comfort Tenor in Rosewood or Cherry.
    WHIch? Suggestions?

    OR – Moeck Flauto Rondo 2920 has 4 keys in maple.

    Thank you!


    Richard Hureau

    My only thoughts are that if you have never played a tenor and think you need the extra keys (4 instead of 2), you may also want a bent neck (“Knick” style). I know that I do – I need the 4 keys plus a bent neck in order to have any hope at all of playing a tenor. You can get the sense of such an arrangement by looking at a Yamaha plastic BASS.


    Brian Thompson

    My wife and I play tenor a lot. She owns a Kung Sinor tenor which has 4 keys and a bent neck. This tenor is little bigger than an alto recorder. By that I mean the knick moves the finger positions upward quite a bit. This makes if easy to get your hands to cover the lower position and the low C keys. It plays both octaves very well. The low C is easy to sound and strong(loud). The keys fall nicely to the hand and are airtight which means the instrument plays all of its notes cleanly and well. I know you are not asking about this instrument but this is a viable choice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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